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Jr. High


Isaac Newton soccer is a fall sport. We have one co-ed soccer team, for 5th through 8th grade.  Our head coach is Mr. Tim Stout. Mr. Lance McDonald, Mr. Thad Harker and Alumni student Lafe Wessel are assisting.



Isaac Newton sports
7th/8th Volleyball
We offer both 5th/6th and 7th/8th girls’ volleyball; the season is in September and October. Coaches focus on the fundamentals of bumping, setting, and serving. Students are shown how to spike, but that skill may not be totally developed. All players will master serving underhand before serving overhand. All players will have some playing time in each match, but not necessarily in each game. Our desire is to give each girl a chance to serve at least once each match plus play at least half of one game.


Isaac Newton volleyball
5th/6th Volleyball


7th/8th Boys' Basketball
Isaac Newton offers boys’ and girls’ basketball at the 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade levels. Basketball practices begin in November, with games December – February.
5th/6th Boys' Basketball
7th/8th Girls' Basketball
5th/6th Girls' Basketball

"Do Hard Things" Unit

Brothers Alex and Brett Harris penned the book "Do Hard Things" when they were 18 years old. The best seller's theme is "A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations" and serves as a catalyst for a challenging 8th grade Physical Education Unit. The 8th graders start the school year with an eight week Cardio Kickboxing Unit that challenges them physically and mentally. The students encourage each other as they strive to push through each workout.

After the Cardio-Kickboxing Unit, the students begin training for a 5K Mud Run to support Veterans, which is in April. The program is a three day per week workout of run/walk sequences. Gradually the walking portion of the workout becomes less as the running portion increases. Students receive a running schedule each week along with a weekly reading/reflection assignment from the "Do Hard Things" book.