Early Childhood

Isaac Newton Christian Academy is committed to getting young children off to a great educational start and to modeling fundamental spiritual truths such as God’s love and grace. We are dedicated to help nurture the spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical development of all our students in our care. We are committed to providing children with a Christian foundation based on the teaching of the Bible and knowing they are loved as children of God.


Cedar Rapids Pre-K Program
Our Pre-Kindergarten program is a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten. It helps meet the needs of children who aren't quite ready for kindergarten, but who have gone through preschool. Pre-K does not repeat the curriculum used in preschool, and does not jump ahead and borrow from the Kindergarten curriculum. Instead, it builds and expands on what preschoolers learn, and exposes children to a variety of activities that helps them master social and academic skills needed for Kindergarten.


Pre-K meets Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., with several new options for extended care, all beginning at 11:15, when Pre-K dismisses. Extended child care for Pre-K students.



Elementary Education
Our Kindergarten program has an outstanding reputation, and is built on a foundation of spiritual development that the children are receiving at home and at church. The teachers bring Jesus Christ into the entire curriculum and they pray with children as part of resolving conflict and addressing problems, as well as to express thanks.
We take a phonics approach to reading. Most of the students coming from our Pre-K program enter Kindergarten with the ability to read short books, however, being able to read is not a requirement for entrance into our Kindergarten. Most children are reading short books by Christmas. Literacy is a high priority in our early education program.
In math, the curriculum targets numbers 0-100, fractions, algebra, adding/subtracting, skip counting, problem solving skills, and graphing. The curriculum also integrates science and social studies.
In addition to traditional coursework, Kindergarten students also have a technology class in the tech lab, and have music, art, and physical education. The children enjoy a number of theme units and go on two field trips. 
10 Things to Look for in a Quality Kindergarten Program
  1. Individualized attention is given to each child, allowing for enrichment and remediation.
  2. Conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills are modeled, fostering character development.
  3. Hands-on activities are used for each "subject".
  4. A strong phonics program is essential! We use the highly acclaimed Jolly Phonics program.
  5. Math is presented in "real world" and engaging activities, using a variety of manipulatives.
  6. Reading for fun, as well as vocabulary development through intentional daily read-a-louds.
  7. Children's work is prominently displayed.
  8. Students are encouraged to write often using journaling and math stories.
  9. Activities are varied throughout the day. Time is given for play, group time, and focused attention to a task.
  10. Safe, nurturing, loving and caring environment, where children and parents look forward to school.