Endowed Funds

The Isaac Newton Christian Academy Endowment Fund:  this fund is managed by the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.  The Fund began in 2007, as a way of beginning a focused effort to plan for the school’s financial future. When money is given to the Endowed Fund, it is invested by the GCRCF. The gift remains intact; the interest, up to 5%, is available for the school’s needs. For example: a $1,000,000 endowment would mean about $50,000 annually in funds for the school. We anticipate that the Endowed Fund will be built primarily through planned giving.
The Isaac Newton Christian Academy Founders Scholarship Endowment Fund:  this fund is also managed by the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.  The school earmarks a portion of the proceeds from each Annual Banquet for this Fund and also encourages donors to consider giving to this endowment.
Why is a robust scholarship fund a priority? We envision a day when State-mandated teachings and practices may cause us to forfeit our State accreditation, if they deviate from sound Biblical principles. When this happens, the financial loss to the school through the elimination of matching funds, STO funds, and other funding will be significant. We want to grow this fund so that we can joyfully operate the school without government interference if necessary.
If you would like more information on either of these funds, please contact Kathryne Oates, Director of Development and Community Relations, at 362-9512.