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The Scholars Campaign - The Need

The Need

  • Our building is at capacity. We cannot split any more grades. Both our Teacher’s Lounge and Cafeteria were converted to classrooms over the summer.
  • We are in the process of adding a high school grade per year.
  • This year we began offering extended care for our Pre-K. That was very well received, and Pre-K is full. We are seeing a lot of growth in the early elementary grades, and that growth will follow through to all grades over time.
  • We have gone from around 195 students in 2013 to over 240 for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Yes, we could just limit growth and turn away families. But listen to the perspective of a veteran Christian educator, our own Head of School, Dean Ridder.


“We believe passionately in Christian education and that the City of Cedar Rapids needs a thriving Pre-K – 12th grade Christian school. It is unusual for a city the size of Cedar Rapids to not have a major Christian high school program, and to have such limited number of students Pre-K through 8th grade who can be accommodated in Christian schooling. It is very hard to turn away a family that is so intentionally seeking a Christian education for their children! Why wouldn’t we want to grow and respond to the demand that is there!”