Mathematics is a study of patterns and relationships and their logical manipulations. It is a way of thinking that provides strategies for organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing data and a using a language of carefully defined terms and symbols. It is a tool that can be used in both advanced mathematics and in everyday, real life problem-solving situations.

At Isaac Newton Christian Academy, we believe that mathematics gives us insight into the Creator and His purposeful design in our world and universe. It reveals to us aspects of the character of God such as orderliness and creativity, and shows design, symmetry, complexity, harmony, and precision in His creation.

Mathematics includes basic foundational skills that should be mastered. We believe that learning should be incremental with students being exposed to key concepts at all levels in an age appropriate manner.  Because we live in an ever-increasing technological society, we should seek to emphasize higher-level math reasoning skills.

We believe that a teacher of mathematics, like that of any other subject, is more than just an imparter of knowledge. Rather, a math teacher is a facilitator of learning, a guide who stimulates further inquiry, and one who imparts transferable skills, which will serve for a lifetime. The teacher of mathematics recognizes different learning styles and enables students to build bridges between the individual concepts and their application. By so doing, the math teacher ensures that not only computation, but also comprehension will take place.

Our desire is that students will believe they can be successful in math and become lifelong learners. We believe children learn math by doing. Experiences should include, but are not limited to, the use of manipulatives, discussion, mental math, paper/pencil activities, calculators, computers, and the memorization of math facts, formulas, and other related principles. All these tools are used to help students develop problem-solving strategies necessary to meet the challenges of today's society.