Social Studies

Social Studies are studies of relationships: between different societies separated by time or space (history), between people within a society (politics and sociology), and between people and the land and its resources (economics and geography). Ultimately, students at Isaac Newton Christian Academy use these studies to explore the relationship between people and God.

Therefore, social studies at Isaac Newton Christian Academy are distinctively purpose-driven. We are not simply retelling; we are equipping our young people to function as believers in this world. Our attention to relationships, along the dimensions of history, political development, geography, economics, and sociology will enable us, as individuals and as a mature community, to please God and know Him better.

In Deuteronomy, God gives us a model of a teacher of social studies. Moses teaches his people about history, geography and the coming economic and political life of their society so as to prepare them to draw closer to God and please Him.

Elsewhere in scripture, God presents Himself as the designer of a mysterious creation, giving the land and sea their boundaries (Job 38:4,5). Therefore, studying His creation will reveal His glory (Psalm 19:1,2; Romans 1:20).

God also presents His desire to establish a community of mature believers. Members of such a community are secure in the truth and support of each other (Ephesians 4:16). Such a community demands mature decision-making individuals who are equipped to think critically. Their view of their world is not easily "blown here and there" by fashions and fads of thinking (Ephesians 4:13,14). Their view will not accept bias because they will speak "the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). Our approach to Social Studies is honest, having a realistic appreciation of different social and historical phenomena, and evaluating many sides. We honestly recognize the failures of Christians and other societies of the Church in fulfilling God's commission to influence the land and history for His purposes. Both are evaluated in the light of the Bible.

Social Studies is taught at Isaac Newton Christian Academy because of its revealing power. History reveals truths about God and His plan for mankind. History also reveals the complexity of the world and culture. Together, these two revelations aid students in seeing the world as it is, and knowing their calling in being a light to that world.

Through the study of history, we trace God's plan for mankind and see examples of God rewarding man for honoring Him, as well as cursing people that do not seek Him. We see that God is sovereign in events such as the rising and falling of rulers and dynasties, the timing of certain discoveries and inventions, and how those events fell into the plan of God. We realize that man was created for God's glory, and that it is God, not man, that controls the events of history.

History also reveals human responses to God. It shows our sinful nature through the study of those that have sought their own glory instead of the glory of God. History helps us understand our identity as God's children. God has called Christians to be a light unto the world, to be His instruments of change. It is only after we understand God's plan and our current identity that we can work for the change He has called us to make.