Student Life

Morning Opening

Each morning, the entire student body participates in our morning opening exercises. An 8th grade student leads the school by reading the year's theme verse and the Fruit of the Spirit that we are focusing on that month over the school public address system. After this, the announcements are read, which include the lunch menu, any interscholastic athletic announcements, student and staff birthdays, and any other information that is important for the day. The announcements include a fun Question of the Day--a trivia question to pique students' interest. The student body then concludes by saying several pledges together. These include the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible.

The announcements are followed by classroom devotions. Each teacher has a unique way of challenging students in the Word of God, but the practical application of the Scriptures into the lives of students is common to each classroom.

These morning exercises help students to start off the day focused on God and His word, and allow students to put their attention on the learning that will take place that day.


‚ÄčAn important part of developing Christlike character in our students is through the application of the Bible in our students' lives. One way that this is accomplished is through our chapel programs. Our students meet for Chapel once a week. These services provide additional application of the Word of God through the efforts of various pastors, guest speakers and school staff.

Chapel services are divided into two groups. Sixth through 9th grade students meet for Chapel first thing on Friday mornings. A time of praise and worship is led by students who make up the worship band and choir. This is followed by a unique Chapel service for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

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Field Trips

Effective learning experiences often result from firsthand observation of, or participation in, events or activities that occur away from school. For this reason, field trips are an excellent opportunity to extend student learning outside of the classroom. School-sponsored field trips are important extensions of our existing curriculum.  In addition to these field trips, students leave campus for service projects and spiritual retreats throughout the school year.

Spiritual Growth

The beginning of wisdom is reverence for God (Proverbs 1:7). Therefore, a very important part of our school program is ministering to the students’ spiritual needs.

Class Devotions

Each class has morning devotions when the school day begins. Some teachers choose to study through a book of the Bible. Others use Bible study material and age-appropriate devotional books. The students and teacher spend time in prayer for each other and for the school. This is a special time for teachers and students to grow together spiritually.

Bible Class

Each instructional day also includes a Bible lesson. The lessons present the Bible using the Old Testament and New Testament teachings using a comprehensive curriculum.

Scripture Memorization

Scripture memorization is an important part of the spiritual formation offered to our students. Students memorize the theme verse for the year. Students also memorize scripture that pertains to the Bible instruction each week. Students are encouraged to learn the verses and apply them to their everyday life. Beyond Bible class, our faculty does an exceptional job of integrating the Christian faith in meaningful ways with the various subjects that are taught, and through relationships. Scripture memorization and Chapel services are also important parts of this training. 

Community Outreach

Community outreached is stressed as an opportunity for students to grow in their walks of faith with Jesus Christ. Students are encouraged to look farther than our school to the surrounding city and the rest of the world. Students are given opportunities to serve at local ministries and intentionally serve others. Efforts are also made to bring guest speakers who are foreign missionaries to give students a larger perspective on the community of Christians around the world.

Chapel Services

Our weekly Chapel services are an opportunity for students to spend time praising and worshiping God. It is also an opportunity for students to be taught from the Bible by local pastors.

Spiritual Retreats

Older students spend time off-campus focusing on their spiritual life. These off-campus events allow students an opportunity to get away from their ordinary routines and pay closer attention to and be challenged in their spiritual growth.

Food Services

Hot lunches are prepared daily by our Food Services staff. Our staff is committed to promoting healthy food choices for our students and maintaining high nutritional standards while offering delicious, healthy, and satisfying menu options to reach this goal. Good nutrition is essential in preparing children to learn.

Lunch accounts are prepaid, and can be monitored by parents on ParentsWeb. The menus are published in the school's weekly newsletter, on the monthly calendar, on the school website, and on ParentsWeb.

Lunch is served in three sittings. Kindergarten through second grade students have lunch together in the school cafeteria. They are followed by students in third through fifth grades, and sixth through ninth grades. Lunch periods are monitored by Isaac Newton Christian Academy teaching staff.

Health Services

The school has a clinic through which health services are provided to students.  Health services include first aid and the administration of care to sick or injured students.  The health services staff also dispenses medications with parent and physician authorization.  In addition, the staff monitors the certificates of immunization and health screenings for each enrolled student.  All student health needs that occur throughout the school day are communicated with parents.

Guidance Services

Each teacher has been called to shepherd students assigned to his/her classes.  Teachers work cloesly with parents, the administrator, and support staff to provide special services to meet students’ needs on an individual basis.  Because our teachers are expected to know their students well, they are often the first to notice when a student has additional academic, social, emotional or spiritual needs.  Through our association with the Grant Wood Area Education Agency, our students have access to a school psychologist, a speech/language pathologist, and occupational and physical therapists.  These services are provided at the school while school is in session.  In addition, local children's pastors and a child psychologist work with our staff to provide additional services for students.

Extended Care

Isaac Newton offers both before and after school care for enrolled students.  All students arriving before 7:45 am or not picked up by 3:30 pm are automatically placed in the extended care program.   Isaac Newton's after school care is offered until 5:30, after school each day.  No after school care will be provided on days when school is dismissed early for inclement weather or other emergency reason.  On days when the start of school is delayed because of inclement weather, there will be no before school care. The supervisors of the bofore and after school care program are Isaac Newton Christian Academy staff members. Mrs. Jill Henry supervises before school care, and Mrs. Vicki Greer  supervises after school care.


Before School         $3.00/child; $4.50/family
After School            $5.00/child; $7.00/family; plus $0.60/child for a provided snack and drink
Half Days                $13.00/child; $20.00/family; plus $0.60/child for a provided snack and drink