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Classroom Needs

Consider blessing our teachers with an item they've requested for their classroom!  Please notify Sarah Jackson when you purchase an item, so we can take it off the list.  Or make a monetary donation here.

Ridder - PreK - The Worrysaurus, Ruby Finds a Worry, Welcome Back to School book pack, Play-Doh

Schneider - K - Geoboards 

Mathias - K - Coloring Books, Wireless Mouse, Classroom Poster, Book: Finding Winnie

Rood - 1st - Amazon Gift Cards

Luurtsema - 1st - Grammar Book Set

Miller - 2nd - Board Games (Scrabble, Sorry, Checkers, Jenga, Candyland, Trouble, Connect 4)

Curry - 4th - License to Screencastify to record video lessons ($29 - make a donation to the Classroom fund and note that it's for this need)

Greer - 5th - Magnetic Whiteboard (48"x72")

Glad - Secondary Math - Dry Erase Compass and Protractor

McCoy - Secondary English - Les Miserables PosterNovel PostersJane Eyre PosterStudent Dry Erase Boards

McCoy - Music - Music Teaching PosterPiano Chords Chart PosterBissell Floor SweeperCarpet Markers, Books: Know Your Note NamesKnow Your Music Terms and SymbolsKnow Your Rhythms

Bautista - Recess supplies - Each class has its own set of equipment so there is no sharing at recess. We get better pricing so please donate to the classroom supply fund to support these needs.

Richmond - Technology -  Storage Plastic Clipboard, USB Microphones for student projects (8 of 10 purchased)