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Living Curriculum

We believe that our teachers and the school administrator are called by God to help raise up young people in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.  In order to do this effectively, our staff becomes a living curriculum.  The teachers of Isaac Newton Christian Academy are mindful that they instruct not only rational explanation of formal subject material, but even more powerfully, through word, deed, example, and shared experience.

Teachers serve as the living curriculum by demonstrating through their lives a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  They serve as a godly example, both at school and away.  Teachers teach truth and avoid falsehood.  They minister to their students by providing them with faith experiences.  They lead students in prayer, praise and mercy.  They are kind, compassionate, and forgiving.  Teachers also model the Christian life.  They do this by being active in their respective church communities and by serving as intermediaries that assist students in becoming active in their respective churches.  This is done so the students may be further nurtured in faith with their family and friends around them.