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Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is "Developing Christlike Character and Academic Excellence." We do this through consistent and comprehensive incorporation of Biblical principles. In a Christ-centered, loving environment, the student will achieve academic excellence and individual character development as well as mental, physical and spiritual growth. The result will be a well-educated, caring student ready and able to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the community.

Our Vision
Isaac Newton Christian Academy...entrusted with the hearts and minds of the
next generation of Christian leaders.
  Imagine a campus that provides outstanding academics and activities for children
while they are taught to think and act as Christians.  Imagine an environment
where the spiritual formation of children thrives because
the three main institutions in their lives - home, church and school,
are working together to point them in the same direction...toward Jesus Christ.
  That's our vision...join us!

Our Imperatives:

We believe there are four areas that are “imperative” to fulfilling our mission and vision. Those four imperatives are:

The Worldview Imperative: Guide all students to a Biblical Christian Worldview through curricular, extra-curricular and student life programming.

The Learning Imperative: Create a dynamic learning environment that includes cutting-edge technology, the best Christian curricula in the nation, and provides enrichment programs.

The Teaching Imperative: Recruit and support passionate Christian educators who are trained in professional teaching/learning strategies and biblical worldview integration.

The Growth Imperative: Provide Christian education opportunities for all desiring students in our community, with a facility that is up to the task.