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Scrip FAQ

How does the Scrip program earn money?

The school’s Scrip program purchases gift cards at a discount.  Then we sell the gift cards to you at full price, or face value.

How does the tuition rebate\credit program work?  

Each time you purchase Scrip gift cards, you earn a rebate.  70% of the profit earned will be applied to your family’s account.  The Scrip general fund earns the remaining 30%.  These funds are used to support the school.  The more Scrip gift cards you purchase, the more tuition credit you earn.  Tuition credits are applied to tuition first, then to other school fees (e.g.: before or after school care, lunch, other fees).

Tuition credit is applied to your account three times a year, in December, April, and June. Any unused credits will be carried over to the following school year. Any unused Scrip profits earned by families who will not have children enrolled at Isaac Newton Christian Academy the following school year may be assigned by that family to another family.  If unassigned, the profits will be diverted to the Scrip general fund.

How do I get started?  
Complete a Scrip enrollment form online or in the office.  Then start buying Scrip cards in person or online.  
A couple of tips:
  • Whether making every day purchases or planning for larger expenditures, examine the list of retailers to see if you can earn Scrip!
  • Download the RaiseRight app on your smartphone.  It is the easiest and quickest way to access the extensive number of gift cards, and it is available any time!  The eGift cards can be accessed within moments of purchase and used instantly.
  • You can also stop by the office at the school to request Scrip cards.  The Scrip program keeps on hand an inventory of gift cards that are most popular among Scrip users.  When purchasing cards through the school office, you can pay with cash or check.  Checks for Scrip gift cards should not be combined with other school fees

Can I donate Scrip earnings to another family or to the scrip general fund?  

Yes, by filling out the Scrip enrollment form or notifying the Scrip coordinator, you may assign your share of the earnings to another family (which you designate) or to the Scrip general fund of Isaac Newton Christian Academy. 

Can extended family members or friends earn tuition credit for my family?  
Yes, anyone is welcome to participate in the Scrip program.  They can assign their share of the Scrip profits to your family’s account by filling out the Scrip enrollment form.