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SCRIP Tuition Reimbursement Program

What is Scrip?
Isaac Newton Christian Academy Scrip Program buys gift cards and eGift cards from vendors at a discount.  We sell the cards to you at full price and split the discount with you. With every gift card you purchase, your family‚Äôs account receives 70% of this discount and the remaining 30% supports the school.  The more Scrip cards you buy, the more tuition credit you earn!
Get started now:
First, register for Scrip by emailing and completing this form.  You can either return it to the school office or submit it online to
Next, you can start purchasing gift cards and eGift cards: 
  • In Person: Stop in the office to request gift cards. We keep on hand cards that are most popular among Scrip users. 
  • Using the RaiseRight app or website: Just download the Raise Right app onto your smartphone or visit the Raise Right website to get registered. 
  • Online 
  • By Email:
Questions? Email  This is easy and convenient way to earn tuition credit and support the school!