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High School Vision

 Isaac Newton Christian Academy High School Vision

Gratitude: In a society that has bowed to an “entitlement” mentality, our Isaac Newton high school students and faculty stand out as a grateful people. Teachers are grateful to be employed at a school where they are encouraged to freely teach God’s Word. Students are grateful for teachers who care for their hearts and minds. They are grateful for a place where they grow in knowledge and in an intimate relationship with their Creator. Parents are grateful for a school that provides a whole-child education from a biblical worldview and they encourage the school in a spirit of unity and mutual respect.

Work: Christians have been commissioned by our King to make disciples, and Isaac Newton works whole-heartedly to accomplish this. Teachers work energetically to help each student have a strong desire for God, a richer understanding of His world, and an appreciation for the absolute Truth found only in Him. Students don’t settle for unfinished projects or half-hearted work. Instead, they set about to complete the tasks they have been given, and they know how to humbly appreciate the fruit of their labor. There is a strong Theology of Work present, as students view their studies as their current vocation -- a vocation that will prepare them for the future work to which God will call them.

Joy: When people step onto our campus, they sense a clear and permeating joy. Wholesome laughter is heard in classrooms and around lunch tables. There is a healthy rhythm of work and rest - accomplishment and celebration. Students are free to live their identity as God’s child and image-bearer without fear of ridicule. They pursue their gifts and passions joyfully and to the best of their abilities because the school family values the efforts and successes of every individual. 

Loving Jesus: More than anything else, Isaac Newton’s high school will be known for its passionate love for Jesus Christ. Discipleship is the driving desire in our hearts, which produces excellence in every other category of life and learning. Scripture memory and Bible classes are not just curricular content, but opportunities to create a deeper desire for God’s Kingdom. Chapels are not just a break from routine, but a focused time of worship that students enter into expectantly. Brokenness and worldly desires are met with honest confession, repentance, and grace. Service to our community and the world around us flows out of our love for Jesus. Loving Him stands at the center of everything else because He is our cornerstone.