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Do you have to be a Christian to attend Isaac Newton Christian Academy?
At least one parent must sign and be in agreement with our Statement of Faith, and provide their Christian testimony, in order to have a child enrolled at the Academy. The enrolled child does not have to be a Christian. The Academy bases everything it does on Biblical principles, and our overarching theme is “Christlike Character and Academic Excellence.”
How does Isaac Newton Christian Academy handle doctrinal issues?
Our staff, families, and board represent a wide variety of churches. While Isaac Newton respects these differences, we are united on fundamental beliefs. We believe that Christ is the one true Son of God, that He died for our sins so we can be forgiven from our sins and have eternal life, and we believe the Word of God is inerrant. View our complete Statement of Faith here.  When a specific stance is viewed differently by various denominations, our teachers are well trained in guiding the student back to the parents for their church's viewpoint. 
What curricula does the school use?
The educational program at Isaac Newton Christian Academy is designed to educate the whole person: intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. The curricula is designed to lead students to strive for mastery in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is also designed to help students recognize God as the author of everything that is true. To accomplish these goals, we use materials published for use in Christian schools.  Materials are used from publishers such as A Beka Book, BJ University Press and Purposeful Design. Our entire Bible curriculum comes from Summit Ministries, a biblical Christian worldview organization based in Colorado (  There is a comprehensive curriculum review cycle that is used to ensure that the school continues to use the best, most up-to-date materials.
What is the tuition?
Below is a link to our tuition schedule. Keep in mind, that there are several ways to reduce tuition, including paying annually or semi-annually. You can also earn tuition credit through our Scrip program. Scrip is “substitute money” in the form of gift certificates. (Learn more about Scrip here
Another way to offset tuition costs is through a transportation reimbursement from your public school district. If you live more than two miles from Isaac Newton, you may be eligible for transportation reimbursement. 
We also have several scholarship opportunities including a needs-based scholarship program through the Heart of Iowa School Tuition Organization. For more information click here.
Do you have a Pre-Kindergarten?
We have a Pre-Kindergarten program that meets Monday through Friday, 8:15-11:15 a.m., with several different extended care options. To see our Extended Care Brochure, click here.
Do you have busing?
We do not offer busing, however, many families get together to carpool. In addition, if you live more than two miles from the school, you are eligible for a generous transportation reimbursement from your public school district. Some families opt to donate that money back to the school, and others apply it toward their tuition.
Does Isaac Newton have a dress code?
Yes, but we do not have uniforms. We use a dress code based on modesty that is both comfortable and affordable. Our code for clothing and personal grooming is fully explained in our Student Handbook.