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Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs)

Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) can be used for Kindergarten through High School at Isaac Newton Christian Academy. 

The Students First Education Savings Account (ESA) program closed on Friday, June 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 

After clicking the Apply Now button, parents/guardians will first be directed to sign up with an email and password. Once they have registered, the parent/guardian will receive an email from Odyssey asking them to confirm their email address. After registration is confirmed, the parent/guardian can sign in to the Odyssey platform to begin their application.

Technical support is available from Odyssey representatives by phone at 515-368-9564 or email at or via the chat feature in the application.

 - Iowa Department of Education

Learn more about ESAs HERE
Request information about Isaac Newton Christian Academy HERE.
ESAs will be available based on the following eligibility:
Year 1: School Year 2023-24 
  • All entering kindergarten students
  • All students enrolled in a public school
  • A student enrolled in a private school with a household income at or below 300% of the 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines, $90,000 for a family of four
Year 2: School Year 2024-25
  • All entering kindergarten students
  • All students enrolled in a public school
  • A student enrolled in a private school with a household income at or below 400% of the 2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines that will be updated January 2024
Year 3: School Year 2025-26
  • All K-12 students in Iowa regardless of income
Income Eligibility
Family income and household size is determined using your 2022 Federal 1040 Tax Return, Line 9
  • All New Students (K-12)     No Income Limitation
  • Current Family Size of 2    $59,160
  • Current Family Size of 3    $74,580
  • Current Family Size of 4    $90,000
  • Current Family Size of 5    $105,420
  • Current Family Size of 6    $120,840
  • Current Family Size of 7    $136,260
May 4 - Iowa Department of Education Update
The emergency rules, which are posted on our Students First Education Savings Accounts webpage, define program elements, outline eligibility criteria, set parameters for the application process and outline program administration and accountability criteria. The frequently asked questions section of the webpage has also been updated to provide more information to families about the eligibility criteria and application process.
We will also be sharing materials in the coming days that you can use to inform your families about the application process and to make them aware of parent webinars that Odyssey will be hosting prior to May 31. 
April 7 - Iowa Department of Education Update
The following update was made to the How it Works section of the Students First Education Savings Accounts webpage: The state has signed a contract with Odyssey to manage program administration for Students First Education Savings Accounts, including applications, financial transactions, compliance, fraud prevention and customer service. Odyssey was selected through a competitive bid process based on its ability to securely administer funds, provide families with direct customer service and support and offer the state real-time insight into the program’s effectiveness.
The Office of the Governor, Department of Education, Department of Management, and Office of the Chief Information Officer are working with Odyssey to implement the technology platform. The state plans to begin taking applications during the month of May, but a specific date has not yet been announced. Details regarding the application process will be provided later this month to help families prepare to apply. Applications will be due on June 30, 2023, for the 2023-2024 school year.