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Our Philosophy of Christian Education

The Philosophy of Christian Education at Isaac Newton Christian Academy is based upon the following presuppositions:

I. Life is recognized as having a design and purpose.
People are to live life as a response to our Savior and Creator, enjoying Him and endeavoring to please Him through doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with Him. Christian education recognizes that just as no person is complete apart from the spiritual life available through faith in Jesus Christ, neither is an education complete, which focuses only on the improvement of the mind and body and neglects the spiritual dimensions of a student. Christian education deals with the development of the student’s intellect, emotion, and will. Because each person is entrusted with moral choice, true education must include teaching moral absolutes, which are necessary for making decisions, which are right in God’s sight.

II. Education includes the process of communicating knowledge.
For the Christian, the source of all knowledge and truth is God, and revelation of His truth is found in His Word, the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation of the school curriculum. Through the Bible, the interrelatedness of all other subjects and truths is made possible.

III. A Christian teacher’s life style must be exemplary.
The reality of a teacher’s personal conversion should empower him/her to be a godly role model for all students. The Christian teacher is to be a student’s guide and resource person, teaching according to educational principles contained in the Word of God.

IV. The parents are responsible before God.
Parents are ultimately responsible before God for the education of their children in the home, school, and church. The home is the center of education and is never replaced by the school. The school exists to support the home and church.