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What Makes Isaac Newton Special

  • The Academy is an independent, non-denominational Christian school.
  • The Academy has a Bible-based curriculum that acknowledges the truth of God's Scriptures as the foundation of all truth.
  • The Academy is pre-kindergarten through High School committed to academic excellence and spiritual development.
  • The Academy is a school whose annual achievement test results score well above national norms.
  • The Academy is a school with a staff that serves as a "Living Curriculum" for Christian love and character.
  • The Academy offers competitive athletic opportunities for students in 5th - 8th grades, including basketball, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading.
  • The Academy has state-of-the-art technology, including interactive whiteboards, document readers and film/editing equipment.
  • The Academy has a low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • The Academy has a dynamic, academic Pre-K program.
  • The Academy has a needs-based scholarship program.
  • The Academy supports the efforts of the home and the church to raise children who love God and who apply the truths of the Bible to their personal lives.
  • The Academy has students who attend over 50 churches and live in Cedar Rapids and a dozen outlying communities.
"We love Isaac Newton because the teachers and administration are as focused on giving our children a Christ-centered education as we are."  --Jeff and Tomorra Wessel, Isaac Newton Christian Academy parents
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